I Fantasize About the UPS Man, do you?

The summer before my wedding, my family took a trip to Virgina Beach, however I didn't go with them, as I was busy working 2 jobs and with the upcoming wedding in September and our honeymoon I really couldn't afford to take an additional week off work back then.

Well, they decided it'd be nice to bring me back a 'fun' souvenir t-shirt they found in one of the shops along the boardwalk (and if you've ever been to Virginia Beach you know all about the boardwalk there and the tons of tourist shops there!).

Now my husband has been working for UPS since the beginning of 2006 and is a supervisor there as well. The t-shirt they brought back for me was a light brown one that says "I fantasize about the UPS man," exactly like the image you see with this blog.

I'm not one to wear novelty shirts like that out in public (personally I think they're tacky), but I have no problem wearing them around the house or as a sleep shirt, which is ultimately how I ended up wearing this one.

Well, one day last Spring, on my day off, I decided to sleep in like I usually do and snuggle in bed with my dear hubby. I was also expecting a package to be delivered, so when our buzzer rang, I promptly jumped out of bed, made sure I looked decent and answered.

The UPS delivery guy came to the door with the package I had been waiting for and asked me to sign for it.

While I'm signing for the package, the UPS delivery guy asks me "Are you part of The Family?" with a big grin on his face.

I pause and look at him with a bit of a confused expression as I'm not entirely sure what he's referring to by The Family.

"Your... shirt. Do you work for UPS too?" he asks, still with a big goofy grin on his face.

I stop for a moment and realize that oh geez, I wore the shirt to bed last night and since I'm in my PJs, I'm still wearing it. And wow, this delivery guy looks like a total geeky guy - short with glasses too and he has a big, wide grin on his face because of my shirt! LOL

I give a small chuckle and tell him that no, I myself don't work for UPS, but my husband does - he's a supervisor.

He hands over my package, still with that big goofy grin on his face, and says whatever delivery guys say when they leave.

I close the door and immediately bust out laughing at what had just occured. I go running into the bedroom and wake up dear hubby to tell him all about it too, in which he busts out laughing as well!

I'm sure I made that dorky delivery driver's day!

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