The Best of Halloween 2009

Growing up, as a little kid, Halloween was that one day out of the year where you get to dress up like your favorite movie or tv character and go door to door with your neighborhood friends asking for candy from all the neighbors.

As I got older, I would dress up as something simple (like a vampire for example) and pass out candy to all the little trick or treaters that would come to our house while my mom and aunt took my little sister and cousin trick or treating.

Once I got to college, Halloween was a time where slutty girls would dress up skimpy little slutty versions of classic characters or outfits, while the rest of us would dress up as something more down to earth (like a pirate) or a favorite character (like the year my roommate and I dressed up like our World of Warcraft characters). It was also a time to find some fun Halloween parties too!

Now that I'm out of college and living the typical life of a 25yr old, finding a good Halloween party is hard to come by, and we don't exactly have the cash to spend on a Halloween costume. I will admit though, my favorite part of Halloween is still seeing all the clever costumes people come up with! Thanks to Facebook, I still got to enjoy seeing what people came up!

This year, I saw:
-several zombie girls
-a really good Billy Mays
-Hannibal Lecter and Clarice
-Michael Jackson
-Flo from the Progressive commercials
-Vulcans from Star Trek
-dead Abe Lincoln
-Pyramid Head from Silent Hill
- 7 and 9 from Tim Burton's 9

among some other really neat costumes!

What did we do? We decided to go Trick or Treating for food - Taco Bell was giving away free Blackjack Tacos from 6-10, while Sonic had 50cent Corndogs from 6-10! It was a fun time regardless though!

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