Some online gamers take it a little too seriously...

I heard Josh telling his raid last night about this story and when I logged into Hotmail to check my email, there was a link in the MSN news section about it.


Basically, this woman was married to some guy online in a Japanese version of the US MMORPG Second Life, called Maple Story. Upon finding out her ingame husband decided to suddenly divorce her, she freaked out, logged in and plotted to murder his avatar in the game. Apparently now she's facing up to like 5 years in jail or something...

Then in the article, it goes on to talk about a 16yr old in Japan who somehow swindled $360,000 worth of virtual currency in another game and how he was arrested...

And then there's a link at the bottom of a story where you read about 2 teens in Denmark who coerced some younger teen into giving them some rare ingame items and how they're stuck doing community service now for theft.

WTF??? I wish we could arrest all those keyloggers and hackers that make our MMORPG experiences less fun!

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