Steam Powered Giraffe, steampunk themed band

I know, I've sucked at this blogging thing so far this year... and I'm not even posting a real update this time either.

Just had to stop in and post about an awesome band hubby and I just recently discovered!


They're a steampunk themed band with a Vauderville sound and a good bit of the band has a robot gimmick they do which is AWESOME!

Robots The Spine and Rabbit are RL twin brothers (and the 2 remaining original robots), robot Hatchworth used to be the drummer before robot The Jon left in 2012. They also had a female robot named Upgrade who you can find in home-video clips on YouTube from their early performances at the San Diego Zoo and and Balboa Park. Now they tour around the country at various conventions like Anime Midwest and other geeky cons and festivals where people love Steampunk. It's pretty awesome! The backstory is they were robots created in the late 1800s... it's pretty awesome how much they put into this! I told hubby, next time they stop in Chicago we're going - I'd love to see them live!

Hubby stumbled across them last weekend while he was Googling "Brass Goggles" for a story idea and their YouTube video for Brass Goggles popped up. We've been hooked ever since.

Here's some of my favorites:

Brass Goggles - the one that started it all for us!

Diamonds cover - Spine's voice is amazing in this one! And the Steam Powered Giraffe makes an appearance too!

Me and My Baby (Saturday Nights) - Probably my favorite

Captain Albert Alexander - the commentary on this one is amusing as is Rabbit dancing around

Electricity is in My Soul - you can hear Upgrade in this one back when she was part of the band. And yes, this apparently was on Rock Band 3

An introduction, from one of the old park shows

Walter Robotics Rap - current lineup with Spine, Rabbit and Hatchworth

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