Choo Choo, Jay is 2!

While Jay's actual birthday was the 4th, we celebrated it the day before as the 4th was a Monday this year.

We decided to invite family as well as a few friends with younger kids and we did a walk-in party on a Sunday afternoon at Chuck E Cheese, as Jay loves riding all the rides there. We brought Thomas and Friends party decor, and after getting bumped from the long tables down front (apparently "they're all reserved, whether there's a reserved sign on the table or not"... whateva!) we took up a slew of booths off to the side in the tot area, so that worked out. Before hubby and I could get our coats off and set our supplies down Jay was throwing a fit cuz he wanted to take off and go play, lol...

Gotta say, considering we had 6 kids total, plus 2 teenagers and a handful of adults, it wasn't too bad cost-wise to do a walk-in party - we bought cups for pop for those that wanted it and got free water cups for everyone else, bought 200 tokens (with coupons) that we split up among the kids. The cake was made by our regular cake lady and I bought the party decor and favors from Party City.

The kids all seemed to have a blast though, so it was a fun time! Jay got several new Thomas toys that he loves, among a few other fun ones he seems to be enjoying!

Here's some photos of the fun!

He didn't want to ride the kiddie carousel - he wanted to ride the big derby racing horsey!
Going for a ride with Chuck E Cheese!
His 2nd birthday cake

He tried to grab the candle, lol...

 Hubby's face in this one cracks me up!
We think Jay was trying to "beep" Chuck E's nose like we do at home, lol...

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