A new year, a new post

Well, well, well...

My NIU Huskies in the Orange Bowl?
Heck yeah!
Long time, no see Blog Friends!

I know I took a bit of a break there, not blogging much the past few months, my last post being a Halloween recap in mid-November!

I have been busy though, as I took on a part-time management position at work that was originally supposed to just be seasonal but I decided to stay on it permanently as it's pretty easy, not much more work than what I was already doing, and with a slight increase in hours and pay. However with the holidays the past 2 months, you can imagine working retail gets a bit busy and crazy. But now that the holidays are over, work has slowed down incredibly.

I do have some GREAT news though! My father-in-law is officially out of my house and is staying with ASTA Care. He had a couple hospital trips in the past few months, one of which had us for quite a scare as he apparently took too much of his pain meds, in addition to having high potassium and nearly overdosed. And then he got real sick with whatever was going around and after his last hospital stay before Christmas they released him to a rehab center (as he is incredibly weak and needs physical therapy to regain his strength). He was there for about a week and then they were able to transfer him to the ASTA Care place. Hubby's uncle assured me the other day that he will be there indefinitely and will not be coming back to our house. Such a relief! He was really getting to be a handful there at night and it didn't help that both hubby and I were working like crazy and running on little sleep!

As far as 2012 goes in general... it was a pretty craptastic year. Aside from every parent's worst nightmare, I really don't see how 2013 could be any worse. I mean, 2012 started out okay, but ever since my mother-in-law up and left us all a little over 6 months ago, making my ill and weak father-in-law our responsibility, the year went downhill fast. Hubby losing his day job didn't help matters either.

But I guess some good things did happen...

Jay had his 1st birthday, I paid my car off, my sister got married and we pulled off a great wedding in 5 weeks, Hubby published his novel in various e-Reader formats along with several short stories, we took a family overnight trip to Madison and visited the zoo, Jay's urologist deemed him "cured" from his kidney/ureter/hydronephrosis issues, I had my 10 year high school reunion, attended my 5 year college homecoming and my alma mater went on to play in the BCS Orange Bowl last night despite nasty remarks from various sports commentators and ESPN. Jay was the cutest Little Link from Zelda for Halloween. And hubby found another day job, that while it doesn't pay as well as his previous day job (causing me to pick up more hours at work), he enjoys it much better. I also got hooked on Gossip Girl thanks to Netflix and many of you here in Blogland and on Twitter, only in time for the series to end!

So yeah... I'd say this year was probably as bad as 2009 was for me and I see 2013 as being nothing but better.

I'm not really making any resolutions this year, other than to blog a bit more than I have the past few months. I finally have some "free" time and time to myself at night now, so I should be able to get a post out here and there from time to time.

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