One way to get a free meal

Josh took me out on a date last Friday. It was a surprise date, as he wouldn't tell me where we were going.

For dinner, he took me to Mongolian BBQ, however we ended up having our dinner on the house.

We got there and the hostess seated us... 5 minutes goes by... 10 minutes goes by as do several waitresses... another couple walks in and is seated behind us and has service within 2 minutes.

We wait a few more minutes...

Josh finally flags down a waitress and asks to speak with the manager. We explain to him how we've been sitting here with our menus for over 15minutes and waitresses keep coming by, yet no one has come to take our drinks or order, yet another couple comes in after us and has service immediately. He tells us he will take care of us, find our waiter, and will personally be making sure our needs are met.

Halfway through our meal, the waiter informs us that the manager said he will be paying for our meal. Sweet!!

After dinner Josh took me to see The Ugly Truth which just came out in theaters that night. It was pretty funny and I'm surprised Josh actually seemed to enjoy it too, as much as he had previously stated he didn't care to see it.

We came home after and had some time to ourselves and he made us some drinks too. It was a fun night! I like surprises!

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