Crazy Dream: Giant Flimsy Contacts and the Parallel Universe

This dream was too crazy to pass up! Jeny's been posting on Livejournal a lot of her crazy dreams she's had while she was taking headache meds and this one seemed about on par with hers.

So it started off, I'm hanging out with Erika and her husband at their new house (even though it looks nothing like their new house!). They're showing me the master bedroom and I have to take my contacts out - they're really starting to bother me, so I'm standing by the dresser, taking them out and putting them in the case, only they're like ginormous and super flimsy - no way those things will even fit in my eyes! For some reason I stick one in my mouth to get it wet, only it got all folded up and I start choking on it, as it's caught in my windpipe. I start freaking out cuz I'm choking, but Erika and her husband went into the bathroom and started getting busy. Josh comes out of nowhere and gives me the Heimlich maneuver and the giant contact lense comes flying out.

So somehow, me, Jeny and Jackie got sent into a parallel universe (think Sliders) where everything is like we're back in high school, but it's in a rundown western town and all the adult women are wearing old western dresses with bonnets. No one believes us and thinks we're weird for wearing jeans and 'normal' clothes. The only way to get back to our universe is through key that is this book/postcard (kinda like a portkey in Harry Potter) that's kept on a rack in the local general store, however a crazy old lady in the dress and bonnet owns the store and keeps thinking we're trying to steal it and won't let us have it, even though we offer to pay!

There's a full moon coming up and Jeny's convinced that if we go to the end of town and jump at the moon when it's fullest we can escape this parallel universe without having the key. Jackie and I didn't think it would work, but Jeny did it anyway and appears at her apt in DeKalb, only it's completely dark, she has no roommate and all her belongings are missing. Turns out, that by not using the key, she screwed up her future and is now in a different parallel universe (kinda like in Sliders where they thought they were home but they weren't).

Jackie and I are still stuck trying to get access to the key to get home correctly. Because time has set back to where we're in high school again, Jackie is stuck dealing with her ex who won't leave her alone while she greatly misses Cody. Josh is constantly following me around, but at a distance like he did the first few years we knew each other and he keeps giving me these "I love you" eyes. I finally tell him that I'm from the future trapped in a parallel universe and that in my universe, 9 years from now we get married. He's like the only one that believes us and is intrigued about the parallel universe story as he's all into sci-fi.

There's also a young boy who believes me and Jackie and tries to help us. At one point it seems like Jackie gave up and wanted to just live it out and let things run their course, believing that in 9 years things will be back to how they were. The boy ends up going out his way to distract the crazy old lady at the shop so we can get the key. Before we can use it though, she starts chasing around the shop and then the western town... she chases us to the edge of town (in a horse drawn buggy!), while the moon is still full and we accidentally jump.

Did we make it to the right universe since we had the key with us or did we get sent into another alternate one like Jeny did?

I don't know, Josh woke me up by yelling at the cat, lol...

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