Cute joke for Lent

One of my bosses received this joke in his email the other day and I thought it was funny and cute enough to post! Sure it might not be quite accurate, but it's still funny!

A man down south loved to cook Venison on his grill, however the community he lived in was mostly Catholic and during Lent the smell of the deer meat on the grill drove them crazy as they couldn't eat it.

One day, several of them went to the man and explained it to him and convinced him to convert to Catholicism since most of the community was. The Priest cast holy water on the man, proclaiming "You were born a Baptist, you were raised as a Baptist, but now you are Catholic!"

The next weekend, the people in the community began to smell the deer meat on the grill again and promptly called the priest to go talk to the man. The priest quickly hurried over to the man's house, prepared to explain to him again how Lent works.

When he arrived however, he saw the man, standing over his grill with holy water, sprinkling the deer meat, saying "You were born a deer, you were raised as a deer, but now you are a catfish!"

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